Water Systems

Quality Water Systems for Your Home

photo-water-systems01Ministik Contracting can provide you with options for the water system on your new home, as well as servicing or retrofitting a new water system on an existing home.

As technology moves forward we as a company are always evolving and trying to place together the best water systems equipment for the purpose required. From trickle systems, to Cisterns we can install the required equipment maintain the pressure required.

photo-water-systems02Though we still install many traditional pressure systems that include a pressure tank, pressure switch and a pump (left). There are other options in the industry today, that will give better performance.

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) will provide constant pressure to your home much like what city water supply, and they use about 1/3 of the power. These systems are completely programable, and can be set to meet the demands of the home.


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