Site Prep & Excavation Gallery

Site Preparation and Excavations

Stripping the topsoil for the driveway.
We crossed approximately 100m of peat moss/ swamp. To ensure a solid driveway we removed 1m of the peat moss/ swamp and placed geotextile above it.
After placing the geotextile over the peat moss, we placed 1.3m of clean clay and compacted.
We installed a 3ft culvert for a creek that we we had to cross over with the driveway.
After trimming up the driveway we placed 6" of 63mm Concrete Crush to create a base for construction traffic.
Family work day! After the driveway is complete we went and picked the big rocks out of the ditches.
Removing the trees and grubbing for a new driveway and building area.
Placing clay for the driveway to the building site.
Driveway trimmed, installed 12" culvert through driveway to direct water to county ditch, and placed 6" of concrete crush for base on driveway.
Stripping topsoil for driveway
Removing clay from the back side of house to accommodate a walkout basement.
Excavating Basement and using extra fill for driveway.
Excavating Dug out to use for irrigation and and watering animals on the farm.
The clay has been placed for this driveway. We just need to clean it up and place the aggregate.
The Driveway is completed. 6" of 63mm concrete crush was placed for the base of the driveway.
Driveway completed and topped with 3/4" road crush.