Septic Systems

From Design to Installation

A septic tank system is an effective waste water treatment solution commonly used in acreage and rural developments. It typically consists of two major parts: the septic tank and the absorption field.

With the septic tank, solids are separated from the liquid, undergo anaerobic digestion and are stored as sludge at the bottom of the tank. The liquid (septic effluent) flows to the absorption field where it percolates into the soil. The soil acts as a final treatment by removing bacteria, pathogens, fine particles and some chemicals.

Selecting the Right System & Proper Installation

Septic systems are excellent waste water treatment solutions for an acreage development, but you need to be sure it is properly designed, installed and maintained. Selecting the right system is critical as poor installations can lead to contamination of the ground water table, and possibly the drinking water supply, not to mention and possible back up into your basement  It is important to consider lifestyle factors to be sure your system will sufficiently manage your specific need.

Ministik can assist you through this critical process. Factors and conditions for properly installing range from lot size, topography, proximity to water tables, composition of soil, among other important considerations. These factors are so important, you should make these a deciding factor prior to purchasing a new lot for your development.

Maintenance & Servicing

Proper maintenance and care includes periodic pumping to remove floating scum and sludge that accumulates in the septic tank. Maintenance is critical consideration when selecting a septic system, as the quality of the system and conditions of your land development will directly impact the effectiveness and longevity of the system.

It is important to scrutinize who you hire to install your system, as they may agree to install it. But will they maintain it? And will they respond if and when you need them to help resolve a problem?

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