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Septic Systems Systems

Construction of Advanced Treatment System using an Alberta Wilbert Advantex Septic Tank and Orenco Systems AX20 Treatment Pods used for a 5 Bedroom Home.
Completed Orenco Advantex Treatment system with At Grade in bush behind the septic tank.
Completed Septic tank installation. Installed prior to a Field or a mound.
Shown is the header for a Treatment Field. It's purpose is to evenly distribute the effluent from the septic tank to the laterals of the field. The laterals are covered with infiltrator chambers, Geotextile, then backfilled with native material.
This picture shows the berming material, the washed rock laid down and the completed piping (laterals).
Showing the mound completed. It has been covered with topsoil and seeded with grass.
Construction of the At Grade. The clean out for the lateral is shown, with the geotextile covering the chambers and wood chips placed above the chambers as required by the alberta safety code.