About Our Process

From Site Evaluation to Installation

1. Initial Client Needs Evaluation

This stage will allow the MCL to qualify the client, assess their needs and lifestyles, and determine the location of the lot so we have a good understanding when we meet at onsite for the site evaluation.

2. Pre-Site Meeting

3. Site Evaluation

You have decided that you are going to get started with your system. MCL will come to site, determine possible locations for system, excavateTest pits, complete soil logs, and send design soils to a certified lab for soil classification.

What is the Importance of Soil?

All soils have a different rate at which liquid can flow through it. For instance, imagine if you took two household items such as a strainer (which has a lot of holes in it) and a coffee filter (which has very small holes). Both of these items will let water flow through them but the strainer will allow much more water through in a shorter time in comparison to the coffee filter. This is much like the soils that we design your septic system. The rate that the liquid flows through the soils directly effect the sizing of the treatment area. This is when you can get a concrete estimate on the cost of your septic system.

4. Design Process

After the soil reports have been received from the certified laboratory, and the soil classification has been determined the Design can be completed.

After the site evaluation and design is complete the design is yours and you can keep it, whether or not you choose to have Ministik complete the entire installation project.

5. Installation

Now that you have decided on the installer of choice, they now can apply for the permits, and start the installation according to the design.