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Are you new to septic systems?  This document was published by CMHC to help acreage owners better understand there Onsite Septic System.  About your House; Your Septic System

Pumps and Advanced Treatment Units– Orenco products has been leading the industry with their onsite waste water products.  Ministik has Chosen to use the Orenco products for their Advanced Treatment for waste water systems and Effluent pumps. 

Have you been wanting to install an “At Grade septic system” on your property.  In the past we could get a variance in some municipalities, but in November of 2013 Alberta municipal affairs past a province wide variance that will allow us to install At Grades without a variance.

Need a few basic Questions answered before you start your Septic System? Alberta Safety Codes published a brochure for home owners in your situation. Click on the link to go! Safety Tips; Private Sewage Systems

Septic Tanks and Water Cisterns;  Alberta Wilbert Sales is the Supplier of choice for Ministik Contracting, for all the Septic Tanks, Cisterns, and piping materials.  The engineering of their tanks are a cut above the rest and their customer service is second to none.