Consumer Tip: Questions

Questions to Ask the Installer of Choice

Are They Certified?

All installer’s are required to be certified through the approved training courses by Government of Alberta.
MCL is a pro active installer that has a current certification, and is continuing there education to bring the best products to there clients.

Are they Member of the AOWMA

The Alberta Onsite Waste Water Association (AOWMA) is an association that works with installers as well as the government to help maintain a high level of workmanship through there education programs, helping develop up-to-date industry wide standards, and a website of information to help educate home owners of the requirement, and what to expect with there new septic system.

MCL is a member of the AOWMA in good standing.

Will They Give You Any Referrals?

Transparency is a good evaluation of business. Their reputation should be reflected in the references they provide and a good business won’t be afraid to let their customers speak. MCL will give references upon request.

What kind of Warranty do they Offer?

As a certified installer, our minimum requirement is 1 year ‘workmanship warranty’ as per code. MCL will provide 2 year workmanship.

Also all products have a manufacturer warranty on them. For example Septic Tanks/ Cisterns have a 25 year pro-rated warranty, Effluent pumps have a 5 year warranty, Submersible Cistern pumps have 5 year warranty. These are just examples, they are subject to change. Labour is not included with Manufacture Warranties.

Do they Provide Service?

MCL gives 2 years of service to meet the requirements for all systems installed. After 2 years, SERVICE is still required. Depending on the complexity of the system, MCL will educate the homeowner on how to service there system, or will propose a service contract for the future to maintain optimal performance of the system.