Consumer Tip: Before Purchasing

What to Consider Prior to Purchasing Your Lot

Soil Conditions of the land

The soil conditions of the lot that you are building on should be considered for the simple fact of cost. A septic system in clay conditions compares to sandy conditions could double in value.

Overall Topography of Land Plot

Ideally when designing a septic system we would look for an elevated area on your land with sufficient drainage, and relatively level area as well. Systems can built in less than Ideal circumstance and still work efficiently as long as the proper precautionary measures are taken.

Elevated Ground

It is important for rainwater and melting snow to run away from the septic system to prevent problems, such as over saturation.

Level Ground

Level ground will allow for ease of installation. It’s not that we can’t build on sloping areas, but the complications of uneven ground will likely increase the cost of materia and supplies.

Free from Travelled Areas

Travelled area on a piece of land result in compacted soils. These soils are no longer undisturbed and don’t allow effluent to effectivelly drain through them, thus hindering the effeciveness and longevity of the system.